My Journey into finding who I am meant to be.

Our June 2013 wedding! <3

Our June 2013 wedding! <3

Would you believe me if I told you I have ZERO business experience? Or how about when I started this journey, I was at the heaviest I had ever been, lacking self confidence, miserable in my corporate job, and lacking my sense of purpose. So How in the world do I, of all people, create a successful coaching business online?

Maybe you can relate.. 

In 2013 I was 23 years old. Newly married to my high school sweetheart, and had just relocated to Florida to support my husbands dreams of becoming a Navy Pilot. I had a degree in Animal Science, and while vet school was always a passion of mine, I chose NOT to pursue it. I chose LOVE instead. I chose my husband. We had been away from each other for FOUR years, and the last thing I wanted was to be away from him for another four years. So I chose to travel with him, and I would choose it again 10x over. 


But during that time, I can't lie and say I felt " happy." It was tough. I've been independent my entire life. So dropping everything really lowered my self confidence. I gained 30 pounds in 6 short months after my wedding. I was slowly starting to sink into the mold that I didn't want to become. I didn't want to JUST be a military wife. I wanted to be a military wife who was successful in her own purpose and passions! DUH :) I needed MORE, and starting out, I didn't have that. And for while, I felt so much guilt! 

I was SO blessed. I had an amazing husband, an incredible family, we had just bought a house, etc. But just because things were GOOD, didn't make it OK not to want more. Just because things were good didn't give me an excuse NOT to dream. 

I needed an OUT.

Miserable in my job, bringing that misery home, I knew I needed to do SOMETHING. And while leaving my job immediately wasn't an option, I know I needed to see through a new lens. But how? How would I do that? 

I'd go to work ON ME. 

I invested in a nutrition plan and fitness program, joined a support group, and took the steps to getting my own health back on track. I forced myself into an online community of women that wanted to help me succeed. I'll admit, this was SO OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE. I never wanted to ever admit needing help. I wanted to do everything alone, so this was big for me! But through this journey I learned so much about myself. Crazy how a nutrition plan and workout regimen can make you feel INVINCIBLE. But it did. It made me feel in control again. I started controlling my actions, which controlled the way I thought about things, including myself, and it started SLOWLY piecing ME back together. 

The strength and discipline I gained from taking back SELF CONTROL bled into every other area of my life. Ultimately, I was changed. I WASN'T GOING BACK. How could I continue this journey? How could I help someone else like I had been helped?

And before I knew it .. I found a way.

My team and best friends celebrating our success at ELITE night in New Orleans.   

My team and best friends celebrating our success at ELITE night in New Orleans.


Mentoring and coaching others through the same exact nutrition plans and programs that I had done. I was able to create virtual groups that I led and share my experiences to help inspire others. The ripple effect of that in just 3 1/2 years is UNBELIEVABLE. I was able to create an online health and fitness business based around sharing ME.

How cool is that?

But that wasn't it. These peoples lives whom I was helping impact, guess what? THEY COULD DO THIS TOO. It's never about what you can do alone, but ALWAYS about what you can do together. And here I was creating a tribe of LIFE CHANGERS to go out and touch the world in a BIG way. 

There are major perks! Growing yourself, letting that bleed into your families lives and the ones you love. Creating an online business that has the potential to retire you from an unloved position OR contribute to debt, savings, college funds for children, and more. And best? GIVING THIS GIFT. 

I've NEVER been a part of something, in all my years, to ever support me in this way. A community that truly wants the best for you and SPOILS you for your hard work. 

My life is forever changed. I'd love to chat if you are interested in being a part of our family <3

Let's make memories!

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