"Natalie is one of my favorite people on the planet. Ever since I can remember, she's helped me find the BEST within myself! She's one of my very best friends for many reasons, but also someone I can trust to be honest with me, push me, challenge me and care about what my dreams and goals are. She's driven and doesn't really understand NOT going for it. WHICH I LOVE! "It" being whatever IT IS that's going to fulfill you and give you a life you're so honored and happy to live. I am so grateful every day our paths crossed. She's helped me spread my wings, create a full time online business that's granted me total freedom, become the healthiest version of myself and LOVE LIFE! Her strength is contagious and her spirit is warming! Amazing friend and mentor!"

Mackenzie M.

(coach and friend)


"A woman who empowers other women to be their best selves. She knows her dreams and works hard to achieve them. Her resilience, authenticity, determination, grit, tough love, and never give up mentality is what I love most about this strong and beautiful leader I am blessed to call my coach, mentor, business partner, and friend."

Chelsea E.

(coach and videographer)


"Oh Natty Jae, where do I begin. From the moment you came into my life and started to sweep my brother off his feet, you instantly (okay with some hesitation) became the sister I always wanted. You showed compassion, hard work, love and a drive I hadn’t seen before in very many people. You have something special about you. Something that makes everyone want to be a better person. Your drive to change your life, your families lives, and those around you is admirable! To watch you transform into this amazing MOMBOSS and BADASS over the years has pushed me in more ways than you could ever know. Keep changing the world.”

Reghan B.

(sister in law)


“From the day she walked into our family, I knew she was special.  That early morning she gave birth to my precious grand-daughter, she forever etched a place in my heart.  The love and support she gives to our son in all he does is remarkable. But to watch her grow into a CEO of a business with passion and purpose has brought me more pride than she could ever imagine.  This “old dog”, who was a skeptic, I might add, can still learn a thing or two from this amazing “GirlBoss”!”

Rick B.

(Father-in-law/ Owner, The Bailey Agency)


"Natalie is one of the most kind-hearted people I have ever come across. I have had the honor of knowing her for the past 4+ years and I have watched her grow not only into an incredible person but an amazing mother to her daughter, a supportive wife to her husband, friend, mentor, daughter and sister. She is full of light energy, strong willed and extremely devoted to those that cross her path. She is someone that I look up to tremendously in life, in motherhood and as an entrepreneur."

Rachel K.