Why I did a 3 day cleanse

Man, do I feel better! Idk what my deal has been this year, but I am finding that I have been yo yoing more than I care to admit. I was getting really REALLY comfortable in the lax lifestyle and honestly, it did nothing but reflect in every other area of my life! I by NO means have gained my 30 pounds of weight back, but I’ve been hovering over the…….

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Natalie BaileyComment
Dream big, momma!

Some days I look in the mirror and I don’t recognize myself. Not because of how I look but because there are still so many days that I am battling myself on who I am supposed to become and how I am supposed to use this platform to change the world.

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Introducing 2b Mindset!

I couldn’t believe all of the things she was telling us about this program…

It’s not a diet.
It’s for anyone who wants to lose anywhere from 5-200 pounds.
Exercise is optional.
The results she shared were ASTOUNDING.
You can eat what you love.

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