- Meet Natalie - 

Hi world!

I’m excited to share a little bit about me, how I found my passion, and ended up here, writing this ME section of a website I never imagined anyone would read.

I’m just a small town girl. Born and raised in Fairmont, West Virginia. I can’t say I miss it there, but I am grateful for it for many reasons. First, it introduced me to my dream man. My high school sweetheart, love of my life, and father to our baby girl. Second, I can’t deny that it’s home, and something about home always makes you appreciate where you came from. It reminds you of the family that’s always waiting and a place you know you’re always welcomed.

Here is the link to our wedding video! I love reliving this moment.

I live in Florida now. Traveling the world with my husband while he protects our freedom and serves our country. How lucky are we to have such selfless men and women to protect us. While most people dream of and never know their heros, I get to lay my head next to mine MOST nights. Pretty awesome!

The gap between who I was and who I am now is unrecognizable. I have to be honest and say I didn’t get here alone. It’s been three years now that I decided I was done living a normal, debt filled, anxiety filled life and started living a purpose driven life. I found Team Beachbody when I was least expecting it but needed it more than I could ever imagine. I just wanted to lose the 30 pounds I had gained post our summer wedding in 2013. I knew if I could just feel like ME again, maybe I could rediscover my confidence. Maybe I would start to enjoy my desk job more or even find joy in a 40 hour work week with a 1 week holiday. But now, three years later, I sit typing away in my home office staring at a jumbo sized Andy Warhol inspired canvas of ME as a gift from Team Beachbody for being a top coach in the Network.

nat about.png

But I don’t want to focus on where I am now. That’s not relatable. What’s relatable and WHO I want to relate to are the women out there watching the clock go by. The ones dreaming for Friday’s at 5 and dreading the preparation on Sunday nights for another work week. I want the ones that are bored, realize they are worth more, and do NOT want to sit in a cubicle for the next 50 years, retire, and call it a life.

I am a firm believer that with hardwork and dedication to self that you find a sexy you always dreamed of being able to express. I don’t mean the physical sexy. I mean the mental sexy. The confidence sexy. The kind that allows you to trust your choices and decisions, to put your heart out there without worry of what others will think. The kind of sexy that dreams big dreams and acts on those dreams making them your reality.

It’s never easy, but it’s always worth it and has become my passion to help women physically, financially, and emotionally through health & fitness.

So please click around and enjoy my page! It’s here for you! Whether military life, health and fitness, mommy life, or good food brought you here, my hope is that you leave excited that you stopped by. Don’t hesitate to hit the CONTACT button if you want to talk 1:1.

Big hugs,
Nat xx