Healthy life of a military wife! Meal planning/ preparing for success!

I want to start by saying HI! :) It feels so long since I have been here, and I have SO much to blog about! Things are about to get super crazy around here, but I am taking pictures of EVERYTHING and will keep you all up to date on my life on the move! 

I love to be able to share my meal plans! It really gives a good perspective on how much I am truly eating and how often! The last thing I want you to think is that i'm "perfect." I love all the bad stuff, believe me! I just choose to set a plan for myself, weekly meal plan, and OCCASIONALLY treat myself to the cookies & chocolate. I'm human right? For me, it truly is about having a plan. If I grocery shop, prep my food, and leave my menu calendar on the fridge, I am TOTALLY not cheating! 

This girl is all about CONVENIENCE. When I'm hungry, I just want FOOD and I don't necessarily care what! It used to be going for what was " quick" , so a bag of chips and a soda to " hold me over." What I find now is that reaching for my healthy options are just as EASY as long as i'm prepared!! 

I usually meal prep on Sundays. But my amazing hubby bought me brand new vacuum yesterday so I was all in ORGANIZATION MODE. lol. Clean house, laundry done, grocery shopping complete, & meal prep knocked out! Candles burning and a steak dinner on the grill to top off the evening! It felt amazing, and now today I can get caught up on some work & RELAX. :)

As you may know, we are planning a move VERY SOON. Something with the Navy is that we never know exactly when, but we know it's coming up! My husband recently completed flight school and is now an OFFICIAL pilot in the Navy! ( CONGRATS BABE!!) His winging ceremony takes place on June 19th and we could literally be out of here within a week after. 

We are getting to the point where we need to start eating all the food we already have so we have less to travel with. So this meal plan is NOT my norm. I am usually one to switch it up, but you'll see that i'm just trying to get rid of what's already in the house! Hence the repetition :)

Eating GOOD this week because Mason's family will be here on the 14th for one week and I anticipate lots of celebratory drinks and taking them to our favorite spots in town! Another reason to get the food OUT of the house, before it goes to waste. I HATE when food goes to waste!

My biggest goal this week is to stay HYDRATED, get my workouts in, and continue the organizational process for our move on top of getting things ready for my next challenge group and staying on top of my work schedule! Busy busy week preparing for company, celebrating our 2 year anniversary, taking the pup to the vet to get up to date on all her vaccinations and gather her paperwork for the move, etc.  This meal plan is EVERYTHING to keep me on track!

As far as workouts, i've been super ADD in my workout schedule. I've been doing a mash up of the new CIZE that is being released by Shaun T this JULY!! (email me if you're interested or check out my Facebook page to catch a glimpse of my husband and I's HILARIOUS dance moves), insanity max, t25, and of course 21 day fix extreme! I'm even taking my workouts to the gym for a change of scenery! Another reason why I LOVE beachbody on demand! I am MOBILE. I usually prefer working out at home, but I am so anxious with everything that's about to go down, I feel like I cannot STILL my mind. Hence the ADD in workouts and needing out of my living room. 

Like I said, the water challenge, in addition to everything! Looking for accountability partners because this is ALWAYS so challenging for me!!


I am already down 1 bottle this morning, and feeling awake!! It truly is amazing what drinking a bottle of water vs caffeine ( my coffee ) in the am can do to stimulate the brain! Water is the best cure for energy! DRINK UP!!

Excited for the week and everything to come! Anxious for our family to arrive and getting all packed up for our move to FL! :) So excited to be BACK on the east coast ( for a little bit at least!).

Most recipes at dinner you can find on my website, but if there are specifics that you cannot seem to find, shoot me a message if you have any questions!! Cheers to an amazing week! 

xx Natalie


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