Introducing 2b Mindset!

OH MY GOSH! New program launch that will revolutionize HEALTH! 

They did it again, I don't know how, but they did. 

I had the pleasure of being on a call with Beachbody RD, Ilana Muhlstein, and the first thing that came into my head was WHAT? She lost 100 POUNDS?! 


I couldn’t believe all of the things she was telling us about this program…

It’s not a diet.
It’s for anyone who wants to lose anywhere from 5-200 pounds.
Exercise is optional.
The results she shared were ASTOUNDING.
You can eat what you love.
And you will break the emotional connections to food and LOVE this process.


Now, you guys know I love fitness! Even in the worst shape of my life post c section & 52 pound weight gain, I resorted back to what I love and that's fitness and balanced nutrition. But I always realize that I can't continue to live in a box and think that everyones starting point or even INTERESTS are the same as mine. I'm here to share what I believe in and I know the solutions we have here at Team Beachbody WORK. Thinking about this new program for myself even, I can't wait to DIVE IN and add the concepts about FOOD and the relationship with food that llana is going to bring to us. What I am really excited about is that I haven't had an early sneak peek into the launch yet. All I know is what llana mentioned on the phone, but I am excited to be a challenger WITH YOU for the FIRST time going through this.

I wanted to share this with you because 1) I think everyone should know about this. I feel like customers (even myself) that MASTER the containers are either completely on or completely OFF. And while the containers are an awesome lifestyle teaching you balanced nutrition and portion control, we now have ANOTHER revolutionary way of looking at food that can be equally as successful and it's not dependent on what fits into a container but rather teaching you the MINDSET about how to look at the foods you eat and what you consume on a daily basis.

So with that being said, I am SUPER PUMPED to bring you 2bMindset.

2b Mindset releases on May 2nd, but I am starting an informational group for anyone wanting more specific details about WHAT THIS ENTAILS! So so excited. If you want to join the info group, fill out this application so I can get you added ASAP! Our official group will kick off on MAY 14TH! And please, if you know anyone who struggles from emotional eating and you feel like THIS is their ticket, don't hesitate to share the form with them as well. 

I have a feeling we are on to some amazing breakthroughs for men and women all over the world. <3

Talk soon!