Beta Test Group: ShiftShop week 2

Official Test group Pics: Day 1 vs Day 8 selfie picture we had to take for Beachbody Corporate! 

Official Test group Pics: Day 1 vs Day 8 selfie picture we had to take for Beachbody Corporate! 

I have to just scream from the rooftops, AGAIN, that I CANNOT BELIEVE I was HAND SELECTED by Beachbody's corporate team to take part in the OFFICIAL test group for our NEWEST launch in July 2017, SHIFTSHOP. 

If you haven't heard about SHIFTSHOP, it's with our brand new trainer, Chris Downing, and after working with him in an exclusive Facebook group, daily, I have to tell you, HE is the REAL DEAL! I've been a part of this Beachbody community for 3+ years, having done SO many programs with so many amazing trainers. They helped me lose 30 pounds to get in the best shape of my life, and then 50+ pounds after my pregnancy with my daughter. This company BRINGS in the BEST. But something about Chris is extra special to me. He motivates me in a way that reaches DEEP down into my soul and makes me want to be better. He reminds me when I feel like I want to give up that I am capable of so much more. My results SHOW IT. I don't think I've ever pushed as hard before, but I am honored and excited to be a walking billboard for this program and help lead my challengers and team through it, too!


It is laid out into three weeks. Week one brings you 25 minute workouts, week two you move up to 35 minute workouts, and week three you go ALL OUT with 45 minute workouts. But that's not all. As your workouts INCREASE each week in time, it also dials your nutrition in MORE every single week. So the longer the workouts, the more strict your meal plan. 

It's TOUGH. It will challenge you more mentally than anything. But something amazing happens very quickly through this program. YOU SHIFT. 

You shift every negative thought and emotion. You shift your belief in self. You shift the idea that you are not capable and starting proving to yourself that you are. 

This program has already changed my life in SO MANY ways and I am only half way through it. And I have to just voice for a minute that fitness doesn't always have to be about the physical aspect. This is journey to better yourself in EVERY WAY. I look at this as an opportunity to be my best ME so I can continue on living out my purpose to serve others, be a great mother and wife, and impact people on a whole other level!

A day in the life of my nutrition

I wanted to share a day in the life of what I eat because I think it's SO important to show you that this isn't some diet where you deprive yourself and feel miserable and moody! This is a life change that encourages you to fuel your body with the right foods every single day to perform at your highest potential!

** Each item I list is portioned out perfectly based on my goals! When you get your package, you too, will receive the nutrition plan to help you design a meal plan for YOU. **

Breakfast: 2 egg scramble with spinach and cheese.

Snack: Shakeology + 1/2 banana

Lunch : Steak Salad w/ dressing

Snack: Apple

Dinner: Chicken Breast with asparagus & sweet potato.

^^^^^^ Remember, it's not about eating LESS, it's about eating RIGHT.


* I can't share everything as the program is not released but I definitely wanted to give you a sneak peek! You'll also see the colorful markers which are a HUGE part of this program. They not only make fitness challenging, but it REALLY makes it fun!

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