You asked for a meal plan and this has nothing to do with recipes. :)



I’ve been meaning to sit down and write out this blog post for quite some time. Writing truly is my passion but as a full time mommy and full time business woman, sitting down to add to my little passion project ( this blog ) isn’t happening as often as I’d like. BUT don’t worry, I am starting with small goals, so if you read these, you can expect to start seeing at least ONE valuable blog post per week. THAT’S the goal anyways, and something I believe I am totally capable of.

A few weeks ago I put up a post on Facebook asking what you would be interested in hearing on the blog. A few comments came in but a TON of messages asking what I eat on a daily basis came in as well!

I can promise you this. You’ll either love me or hate me after this blog post, but I made a promise to myself when I reconstructed this site that you would see more of the REAL me and less of the butterflies and rainbows/tell people what they wanna hear. While my goal is to inspire, my goal is also to be TRANSPARENT because if I can make you look in the mirror and realize you’re capable of so much more and you go out and CRUSH LIFE, then I call that a win for me and you. I don’t want this to be a series of blogs you search for to feel good for the moment, then go back to your sad circumstances or life situation or victimized mindset. I am here to empower you to MOVE and CHANGE and GROW.


After all, if we aren’t doing those things on a daily basis, we really aren’t living out God’s purpose for our lives.

So yessss, let’s talk WHAT I EAT… Maybe.

But my biggest question is this. What will that do for you?

I share my meal plans a lot. As a matter of fact, anyone who requests one I give and anyone who asks for help or to review a meal plan, I do. None because I am a professional or even get paid to do that, but simply because I learned a valuable tool four years ago called portion control and balanced eating and I love helping people who struggled like I have. It helped me shed 30 pounds pre baby to get in the best shape of my life and 52 pounds post baby to make a MOMBACK (mom comeback. I just made that up) that I was proud of.

So here’s the thing. I can list out another meal plan, share my top 50 favorite recipes, link you to all the resources and pinterest healthy meals in the world, but that’s not why you’re really here.

You’re looking for a quick fix.

You’re looking for me to show you that I eat pasta and meatballs, 3 sugar loaded coffees a day, and mix in some grilled veggies and meats and here’s my plan.

If you’re not looking for that, then chances are you are willing to make the change and follow the meal plan to a T but only for a temporary time. Because let’s face it, if it doesn’t work in the first week, it’s not working .. right?


Wrong. But that’s what this instant society has forced us into thinking and believing, so truthfully, I don’t blame you.

The real question to start asking yourself is this.

What outcome am I looking for?

Maybe it’s to lose 40 pounds, or 5 pounds, or gain muscle. And if you DID achieve that goal, what’s the outcome? How do you feel? Are you proud? Did you create a lifestyle for yourself that gives you food freedom? Are you nicer to your kids? Do you smile more at your spouse? Or did you just hit the goal and now you’re done.

Here’s the thing, my friends. Everything you need to be successful is right in front of you. You already have the resources and the power to create that reality for yourself, you just keep choosing not to.

We can’t sit here and say time, money, and resources are not available to us because we know that just isn’t true. If we want more time, then we simply have to be more time intentional and let go of the time sucking things that don’t serve us and make room for the things that do. If we want more money we know that there are 50 million different ways to start a side hustle that could generate the extra couple hundred dollars you would need a month to feel like you’re not living paycheck to paycheck. And if we want more knowledge or understanding, it’s simply about making a priority to seek out the things you desire and do it on a consistent basis.


Healthy eating doesn’t come natural. Not to anyone unless you were raised in a health conscious family. It’s very much a learned behavior, which for me, I invested in a company that truly put health and wellness before anything else. I know a company that is saying there are no quick fixes, pills, lotions, potions, or wraps that will make you successful in your goals and that success comes from hard work and hard work looks like educating yourself in the kitchen, exercising at least 4x a week ( whether that’s walking, running, HIIT , piyo, crossfit, stretching,MOVING) and finding a positive circle of people that will support you. This concept showed me that in order for me to truly stop living this vicious cycle of weight loss and gain, I needed to CHANGE.

So whoever you are reading this, if you’re struggling, it’s simply because you’re unwilling to do the thing CONSISTENTLY that is going to give you the results you desire. Trust me when I say I get it because for years I struggled to do the same. I’d try everything under the sun, but I’d do it all half way. I’d halfway commit to my gym membership. I’d halfway commit to the meal plan. I’d halfway commit to the at home fitness dvd.

I’d do just enough to convince myself that i’ve done enough and by just enough that typically means I made the decision to invest but never chose to actually implement.

Here’s what I learned.

You never made a decision. Well actually you did.


The decision you made was that you would invest in your health UNTIL.. And when you give yourself an open ended goal like that, it typically doesn’t happen.

What you need to do is declare your decision to GO ALL IN. To complete the program, to follow the nutrition guide, to train for the race, WHATEVER IT MAY BE. And to declare this decision NOT because you hate yourself, but because you love yourself.

Somewhere along the way you need to SHAKE YOURSELF and remind yourself that eating healthy and exercising is NOT PUNISHMENT. What’s actually punishment is waking up every single day and hating what you see and doing absolutely nothing about it. THAT IS FREAKIN MISERABLE!

Somewhere along the way you’ve gotta get your head out of your ass and stop blaming everyone and take responsibility for the CHOICES that YOU make every  single day.

I’ll never forget the day I cried to my husband that it was all his fault I couldn’t achieve my health and fitness goals. LOL. I laugh about that now, but that’s how screwed up we train our minds to think. I was truly PARALYZED by the fact that because my husband brought home mcdonalds that I was incapable of eating my prepped healthy meals and getting my workout in that day. And if I was, then I was incapable of being happy or nice to him. In a matter of 15 seconds, I went from proud superwoman who was gonna achieve all her goals once and for all to falling victim to a fucking french fry and letting it completely DERAIL my self worth.

Which was also another issue I needed to fix. Who decides if I fail or succeed? That french fry? Or my actions and reactions to the aftermath?

Yep. ME. I decide. Which meant if I messed up, I didn’t fail. NOPE. Instead, I’d celebrate. I’d celebrate for recognizing that I enjoy those french fries and I always will, but right now since I am lazer focused on achieving a certain goal, I know it’s better for my mental health and body health if I just stay on the path I’m on. Then I trot my little fryless ass back to the fridge and heat up what I created for myself to have originally.

You know what my husband told me when I said, “ I am just so sick of feeling like this. I hate myself!” He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “ THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.”

Those words changed my life, you guys. Those words gave me my power back. Like OH ...really? .. I HAVE CONTROL? And I never looked back.

You can check out my recipes for some healthy meals. You can join my fitness group and hang out with me daily while I love on you to achieve your goals. You can pick up womens health magazine or visit popsugar on the internet.You can go to pinterest and type in family healthy meals with a side of sass and a unicorn cupcake that shoots confetti out of its ass (look at me I rhyme). My point, IT’S ALREADY AVAILABLE TO YOU. You just have to decide what you want and go after it, ALL THE WAY.

I love you all, I really do. Now go love yourself like I know you can and send me a message in a month telling me you’re changing your life. <3


All my love,

Nat <3


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