21 Day Fix Extreme: Couples Style

So if you follow me on Facebook, you know that today is OFFICIALLY day one of my husband and I's COUPLES COMMITMENT!! 

A little background about me. About two years ago, I started my health and fitness journey with beachbody programs. Through that time, my husband and I have EACH been able to lose 30 lbs, change our lifestyles, and get our health back! Since reaching a healthy weight and continuing with an active lifestyle, you can definitely call this a HABIT. Are we perfect? Absolutely not. Do you we make mistakes? YES! We are human! For us, life is about balance! We make ourselves a priority by sticking to a workout regimen, and we eat good about 70% of the time. Is there room for improvement? ALWAYS!


A lot of people wonder why we continue to challenge ourselves with these programs. I used to think that too!! Why continue going when you have already reached your goals? Right? Honestly, it's common to think that. But for this to REALLY be a lifestyle change, it's something that has to become a part of your life! Sometimes we drink a few beers, sometimes we eat chinese food, sometimes we go out for ice cream, and sometimes we commit 100% to a program. 

Right now, it's about discipline. When we feel our "cheats" becoming more frequent, we know it's time to dial it back in. Now let me make something clear here. DIETING to us, is NOT about restriction. Diet to us is about getting the right amounts of fruits, vegetables, proteins, carbs, etc. When we are not paying attention to how we fuel our bodies, we find ourselves ALWAYS slacking in a particular category. For our energy to be at it's highest, and for us to be at our healthiest, a schedule is set in place ( aka a meal plan) so that we remember to EAT and fuel our bodies. 

I am excited for the mental challenge these next 21 days. Nothing shows true discipline than completing a program in it's entirety. I cannot wait to show you our results! 


Above you will see our workouts for the next three weeks! 7 different workouts, 30 minutes a day, done right inside our home! You really don't need a lot of room to get a good workout in. We are temporarily in a small apartment while in the search for a home, and the length of a yoga mat can get the job done! Sometimes it requires moving a few pieces of furniture, but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Besides, it's only 30 minutes! We can do anything for 30 minutes a day! 

With the 21 DFX program, it comes with a seriously AWESOME nutrition plan! It simplifies healthy eating, and even includes these pretty colored containers that take the guessing out of portion sizes. If it fits in the container, we can have it! So for me, using these containers as measuring tools when meal prepping has been GOLD. Not only that, but because this nutrition plan has been in my life for quite some time, I now recognize correct portions when out to eat, etc. It really has been a game changer! 

I wanted to give you an idea of his/her meal plan. For the most part, we are very similar, but because my husband needs more food than I, we had to add some extras into this diet! Keep in mind, we are eating A LOT. Don't let the meal plan fool you, I am not listing HOW MUCH of each meal we actually have to consume. Let's just say, we are FULL all day long, and sometimes struggling to eat! It's crazy how I used to live my life thinking LESS is MORE. Definitely not the case, and makes sense as to why weight was such a struggle for us for so long!








So this is us! For the next three weeks, we will be following 30 minutes exercises from home, drinking a superfood shake daily, switching up our meal plan weekly, and holding each other accountable. I am even running an online health & fitness group via Facebook for those that want to join us! Just a place for us to connect daily, hold each other accountable, and hit our goals together! Love the support it brings! Ready to CRUSH #noexcuses November! 

If you want to join us, just send me an email: Nataliebaileybb@gmail.com 

To learn more about Shakeology and why it's a MUST in our life: Shakeology

To learn more in depth about the workout program: 21 Day fix Extreme

I'd love to get you set up, and starting a journey with us!

Nat ♥♥♥