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Here is the thing, I've failed ALOT. I've had big goals that have come tumbling down on me. I've dealt with weight issues, abandonment issues, loss of a parent, betrayal, and depression. I've been a college student, a "partier", an 8 year bartender/waitress. I've struggled with money, never coming from it, so always working to MAKE it. Commitment was never the issue. I am a hard worker, I always have been. I don't expect anything handed to me, because I didn't grow up that way. If I want nice things I had to work hard, period. 

I worked hard in school to get a good education , to lead to a good paying job. Being the 2nd in my entire family to graduate college, it was engrained in me by my saint of a mother to become the best that I can become, to never settle, to live the life I dreamed of. But what did I DREAM?

I'm not sure I ever really knew. 

I lived in a constant state of fogginess. Never truly knowing what I wanted to become, but constantly forcing myself to create SOMETHING that I could be proud of. I felt this immense responsibility to provide for my family, I still do. So my judgement led me to MONEY, where I could succeed and no longer struggle. Where I could give back, and provide. Where I could be successful and fill the void where I worried the most, stability. 

Reality is this for me. I was working down a path where I thought I needed to go, and had the opportunity to go for most success. I was willing to work long, hard hours doing something I didn't necessarily LOVE, to create longterm success. Guess what? I KEPT FAILING. Want to know why? Because I woke up every morning dreading the day that was in front of me. I felt trapped, like corporate was the only way or to go back for a Master's or actually apply for vet school and pile myself even further in DEBT to come out making OK money. 

I couldn't put my passions into my paycheck. I couldn't "suck it up" and work in an atmosphere that I hated. I was 23! I'm not a math genius, but I can count. That's a long road of misery to retirement. Speaking of which, what is average retirement now? 75!? 

Regardless, I have a lot of life to live and a lot of lives to change, and I know I was put on this earth for something far bigger than I can even SEE. We ALL were. But how do you create MASSIVE success? Well chances are , you do what the masses are NOT. You work on YOU every single day, you take chances, you live for your dreams and GO for them, you GIVE without expecting anything in return, you let go of limiting beliefs, & step out of the NORM and become a two percentER. 

98% percent of people in this world live an " I can't ", "i've tried", "why me" life. They walk by sight. They say you give and i'll do. NINTY EIGHT PERCENT.  And the other 2%? They walk by faith. They believe. They say " why not me" . 2% of people are dumb enough to think they CAN. 2% of people CHANGED THEIR MINDS. THAT is what determines success. Change your THINKING, & you will change your LIFE. 

So what did I do? I became a two percentER. I became DUMB enough to think I can. I invested in myself to become a better person to help others lead healthier and more fulling lives. I finally started listening to my passions and I found a life that no longer needs an alarm clock. My passion for my business wakes me. My passion to help people physically, financially, emotionally, mentally has CHANGED MY LIFE. The freedom of TIME that i've been able to create as an entrepreneur is indescribable. 

I let my faith in something I could pour my heart into become bigger than my fears. I let go of my limiting beliefs that i'd always struggle for money and started putting that into HELPING people, and i've become unusually successful. I changed my mindset from worrying about all the things I didn't have, and started focusing on all I could GIVE. 

It started with ME. It started with changing my mind. It started with investing in my health and taking care of myself, to creating a business where I help others do the exact same. I want to do that for YOU. If you want a different path in your life, I want to help you create YOUR dream. If you are not afraid of hard work, and want to put your passions into your business, I want to mentor you. If you have this pit in your stomach that you were made for more, I want you on my team!! 

If you are interested in learning more, setting up a call , or wondering if this could be for you, fill out the application below so we can get in touch! xo

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