FINALLY!! Back in action. If you have followed my journey on Facebook, then you know that April was an insanely amazing but CRAZY month. Traveling for 2 weeks out of the month, one week of that being out of the country on an all expenses paid vacation thanks to Beachbody!! With all expense comes unlimited amounts of food, a non existent diet, and a little to much fun :) , but HEY, we are human , right?

I wouldn't preach it if I didn't practice it, and this amazing life is all about BALANCE! I absolutely enjoy and indulge, but I cannot lie and say it feels amazing to do so. For the last 15 months i've completely changed my eating plan and workout regimen resulting in a healthier diet and lifestyle. I feel absolutely amazing!! Although I'm not able to be in my kitchen 24/7 preparing my foods, I know I must compromise, and i'm okay with that! It's just not always okay on the tummy! 

No, I don't mean weight. That's inevitable! Get out of a routine and your bound to gain a few pounds, what I mean is that overall GOOD feeling you get from not stuffing your face, carb overloading, and just treating your body good overall. 

So after the amazing vacation, I flew straight home for a week. Not many healthy choices there! Most of my time is spent visiting friends and catching up over lunch/dinner, or out to eat with the entire family. Again, it happens, but by the end of my two week hiatus , I was feeling pretty crappy, tired, and lazy!

Get me back home to my routine on a Tuesday at midnight, and wake up Wednesday to an empty kitchen, a full inbox, and a to do list longer than the Nile. The last thing I want to think about is getting to the grocery store & meal prepping. So I post up in my luxurious office ( my couch ) and hammer away at work for the next 3 days. LITERALLY.

The weekend comes, and my husband is finally not as busy with flights, so we take some time to ourselves to connect over a dinner date and visit friends. Before I know it, Sunday is here and I am finally off to the store to plan for a successful week!

So now I'm here. Back on track, feeling better already, and excited for a week free of worrying about what's on the menu. This is my routine, one that has completely shifted my health, and it feels so amazing to be back on track. Funny calling healthier eating "routine", right ? Crazy what happens when you make a decision!! Here I am 15 months later and with a business that allows me to help others develop a schedule and routine that works for them!

As far as my workout routine goes. I've kicked off today with some p90x3! Starting my 3 month commitment with it, as i've just finished a few rounds of 21 day fix EXTREME, along with Insanity MAX before that. Although i've done p90x3 before, I really love the lean muscle it gave me! Looking forward to starting this journey for a second time, and finishing up right after my next event with beachbody in July where a new program will be released! Not 100% sure what it will be, but it's always something worth doing :)

Thanks for reading and following my journey! <3

Natalie xo