The secret is out: There is room for everyone!


This one is for us. I’m reading this new book, and it’s bringing such an incredible perspective and I wanted to share that with you. 

As a female entrepreneur, the hustle & grind day to day is REAL. But, I am BEYOND grateful that everyday I get to wake up and pursue a career that’s given me the opportunity for more freedom than I could ever ask for. 

Technology is insane. Mix that with social media, and entrepreneurship has become more accessible than ever. The go getter women are really taking advantage of that! According to FORTUNE magazine the number of women-owned businesses grew by 74% between 1997 and 2015—a rate that’s 1.5 times the national average. (How can we argue with Beyonce now? “ Who runs the world — girls!”)

But on a more serious note, this is remarkable. However, we still deal with a lot of issues! It starts with finances. According to INC.COM women entrepreneurs are only getting 19% of the angel funding and about 6% of the venture capital. And for women funding their own business independently, research again states that it’s difficult for women to raise prices and charge what we feel we deserve. Ouch.

But finances isn’t the only issue, many of the female entrepreneurs and ones that I personally mentor deal with much more deep rooted issues like fear, insecurity, and a scarcity mindset. They generally feel like they are not good enough, or that since others have achieved success in the same field, that there is none left for them. 

This leaves them feeling in a bubble of limiting beliefs and that maybe this was a MISTAKE to try and step into this new world of women entrepreneurship.


What in the hell is going on? More importantly, where is the solution here?

Well to start, I have a HUGE secret for you. To be successful you MUST know and believe that possibility is truly endless, and you have the power to create the life and business of your dreams. You just have to find that inside of you FIRST to know that you are worthy and that everything is possible.

If you’re thinking HOW, that’s common and typically where I start, personally, with mentoring my new coaches. 

But I am just going to speak in general for a minute. Are you a female reading this? Then let me tell you something. YOU are incredibly special. Whether you believe it or not, you were put on this earth with unique talents, a voice, and a gift that NO ONE possesses other than YOU. Would you say you are living out your full potential?

Maybe your dream isn't to own your own business, and that’s completely okay. But I believe it should be EVERYONES mission to live their life to the fullest and to understand that whatever your gift is, no one can do it quite like YOU.

But here is the trap. Ya ready?


Ugh. breaks my heart, and honestly I was a victim of that for a very long time. It’s a TRAP, and one you will never win. So real talk, get over it! You’re good enough the way you are. Start focusing on what you can bring to the table and stop judging the people who are out their living their lives to the fullest. ( yeah I went there )

Stacking yourself up to everyone else is LITERALLY setting yourself up for failure. This does nothing to make you a better person, nor does it help to hone in on YOUR special gift that is waiting to be shared with the world. 

and that’s the FACT in this, ladies. There are millions of other women in the world, and they might have A LOT of similarities to you, but that’s it. SIMILARITIES. No one can replicate the genius you possess. 

So what are you waiting for?

I speak a lot to vision and goal setting with my new coaches also. I want to share that with you as well. 

Do you ever catch yourselves in those moments of daydreaming? That you’re ACTUALLY living the life that you've mapped out in your pretty little heads? 

I remember as a little girl, spending my birthday money to buy “nicer” pieces of furniture for our home. Envisioning at THAT young of an age that ONE day I would be able to feel proud of things in my home, in hosting friends/family, in raising my kids in a home they felt proud of. That vision is so clear to me, but you know what? 

I never DID ANYTHING about it until 2 years ago. It took me the next 12 years to WAKE UP and realize that if I TRULY wanted change that I better work my ass off to get it. I think a lot of us get caught up in the daydream like I did. Only I woke up. Have you?

You truly have the ability to create the the reality you wish for yourself. If you’ve been a person that has presented your hopes and dreams to family and friends and have been told to “ be more realistic” then you know how tough entrepreneurship can be, or just wanting to be DIFFERENT can be! Am I right?

What you need to remind yourself of is that others peoples version of “reality” is just that, THEIR version. Their version which is reflected by their experiences, their fears, and their set of beliefs. 

YOUR reality on the other hand, is yours. And it can be as DAMN fabulous as YOU want it to be.

If I’ve learned anything over my experience over the last few years of chasing my dreams and living that DESIGN life, it’s that the universe is MUCH more abundant than it appears. If you can surround yourself with good people, be willing to work on yourself, and live in a state of gratitude and positivity, your reality will become that. It’s the Law of Attraction, and John C. Maxwell taught me PLENTY about that. If you’re constantly living in a negative state of mind, you’re not allowing for anything positive to come into your life. 

And before I wrap up here, I’ve got one last secret that’s been taught to me.

Her success is NOT your failure.

So the next time you see a woman celebrating her success, achieving a goal you’ve so desperately been working for, or just someone totally killing the game of a happy life, I want you to first and foremost send her love, and secondly I want you to imagine something amazing happening for YOU as well. 

I’m in a business where people are crushing goals every single day. A lot of women that can paralyze their own creativity, thoughts, and desires. It can make them question themselves. It all goes back to this whole entire blog post. NO ONE IS YOU. Don’t forget that. 

Lastly, reach out to the women that have got it together. What can you learn from them? Create a new vibe ladies! Imagine a world where women supported women?! Your Facebook rants do nothing but attract all the other complainers, you’re better than that. Be the example & the change. 



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