Country Heat is COMING!

So I have to be honest when I say that I wasn’t SUPER excited for the idea of this program. But then I saw the results coming in, I saw that it was combined with the nutrition plan that helped me lose 30 pounds & change my lifestyle, AND it was dancing along to country music and I LOVE me some country music!! Not to mention the creator, Autumn Calabrese, is FANTASTIC.  If you’ve heard of programs like 21 day fix or 21 day fix extreme, then you know who she is, and I respect her so much for creating a program that not only focuses on health & fitness to get you in shape, but knowing how the power of dance can truly make you feel beautiful!

Here is the reality…

It’s not your typical CRAZY workout like Shaun T’s insanity or Tony Horton’s p90x, but I think this fits the needs of a lot of people needing to just START, and what better way to do that than to DANCE your way into shape. 

I’ve attended some zumba classes before, and as fun as it was, I couldn’t really let myself unwind & be silly! But at home, for 30 minutes, I know I can have my own dance party, rock the moves, and not worry about what others are thinking of me! 

One thing I know for sure is that this program will leave you SWEATY and in a GOOD MOOD by the end of 30 minutes! 


And let’s be honest here, we are talking Beachbody programs!! So if you think these moves are not designed to build strength & conditioning, you are going to be very mistaken! Everything created here is created with integrity and INTENTION to help you see the best results possible!

So what exactly is Country Heat?

5 high-energy dance workouts and 1 Dance Conditioning workout give you all the calorie-burning benefits of a great cardio workout while using every muscle in your body to fire up your metabolism. 

• No complicated moves, no weights or equipment—just follow along for 30 minutes. 

• Dancing to country music is such a blast, it barely feels like a workout!

• Autumn’s foolproof portion-control container system and Eating Plan let you lose weight by eating what you want in just the right amounts.


The best part ?

When you become a member of Beachbody, you can gain access to our online streaming catalog called Beachbody on Demand. Beachbody on demand not only will provide all of your country heat program, it will provide TONS of other Beachbody programs with popular names like Turbo Jam, ChalENE Extreme, 21 day fix, Insanity, P90x, etc. 

To create your FREE account & make me your virtual fitness bestie click HERE!

So while you may be starting your journey by dancing your way to shape, we make sure you have the next steps to help you see lifelong success in your goals!

So where do I stumble into all of this?

You can listen more about my story HERE to learn why I decided to become a coach & why I am SO passionate about helping others find their niche with health & fitness! Joining my team you will have lifelong support & resources you need to see success in your goals!

See you SOON! <3

Natalie Bailey

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