My journey to here

4 years ago when I was daydreaming in my less than favorite corporate career, I never dreamed that Team Beachbody was going to be my saving grace. Sure I had heard of the company, I used their programs for four years up to that point. I was an infomercial junkie who was constantly struggling with weight & health and would always be SO inspired by the transformations these at home DVDs could really give someone, that I would BUY BUY BUY. ( p90x, insanity, t25)


So I did them, and they worked! 

I never knew there was an opportunity, though, to actually create a business! If I am being honest, I would fast forward through the commercials and get straight into my workout. Anyone else? LOL. Hint; The commercials mentioned COACHING. HAHA.

Until January of 2014. I was on Facebook one evening and saw a girl I kind of knew posting about working for a company called Team Beachbody. I messaged her for two reasons. 1) I was intrigued by a virtual fitness group she was running online. It was tailored around the program I just had bought (t25) and she wanted to support people and go through the workout calendar together. Uhm.. SIGN ME UP! This was a time in my life when I was really struggling with consistency & "falling off the wagon" and I was so sick of creating another list of New Years Resolutions that I wouldn't see through. So this was a new concept for me that pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but ended up being exactly what I needed at that point in my life. 2) How did this girl WORK with Beachbody? Here I was an advocate for YEARS, miserable in a corporate job, and struggling with my health. If I could work with Beachbody, I'd surely get in shape! LOL!! (just being honest.) and that was my main drive! I needed to change my life.

Now clearly I was part of the business for one month, fell in love with the support and friendships that were being created with the other coaches on my team, and I really started to see an opportunity. An opportunity to create a "side hustle" that would help me reach my goals, help others reach their goals, and get compensated for it.

So how did it fit into my life? 

Because once I realized what I was a part of, I realized I couldn't NOT prioritize this for myself or for my family. Here I was given a platform to encourage Mason and I to take back our health. Here I was given a platform to impact someone else by being an example to them. ( which btw, IS FINE!! Because that was more accountability for ME.)  Here I was given an opportunity to see life for the first time as something that could someday give me freedom. Financial Freedom, freedom of time, freedom from stress, freedom from insecurities. 

Would it take WORK? Hell yeah it would! But I've never been scared of work. I'm good at work. I know what working hard looks like and I was excited to know my work ethic would end up being my paycheck NOT what someone decided my paycheck was going to be. 

But time? Like for real ... WHO HAS TIME? I'm already in over my head with my full time job and we didn't even have a family yet. My husband and I's schedules were so opposite that if I took this on then I'd be building our dream DURING the time I'd get to spend with him. I wasn't willing to sacrifice that time........ at first. 

And then I realized something. OK, so if I say no to THIS, if I say no to the side hustle, the discipline & consistency it takes to grow a business, the sacrifice from my family to get this off the ground (1-2 years ish ), then fine. But what was my life going to look like in 5 years?

My answer? EXACTLY ... THE ... SAME.

We would still be in debt. I'd still be miserable in my job. I'd still be struggling with my health. My husband would still be struggling in his. I wouldn't of had the opportunity to go full time as an entrepreneur which has given me more time with family than I could ever DREAM of. I would've never had the platform to actually HELP SOMEBODY else. 

So that's why WE DID IT. Because WHAT IF. From day one we never focused on what would happen if it didn't work out. All we did was focus on what was going to happen when it DID. We stayed solution driven. We realized every obstacle had a solution and we would overcome. 

And now this stage of my life with a 16 month old. Talk about HECTIC! Moms, I know I can speak confidently to you when it's a win if we can just shower in a day. Add a business? That just seems bizarre! So what's my life now? It's up early, bed late, little sleep. But you know what? I'm fulfilled. I have a purpose other than just being Marra's mom. I get to, again, stay in shape and have energy for my baby! I get to spend my time with her and choose my work hours. Which btw, people get really confused by this!!! Freedom of time doesn't mean you aren't hustling, it just means you CHOOSE when to hustle! Which if you're successful, then that's EVERY DAMN DAY! lololol But what's awesome about that is I am not missing precious moments with my daughter. We can travel whenever we want, not limited to vacation days because the business is mobile. Not limited to a paycheck that's never going to increase. Never worrying about missing holidays, you get the point. I GET TO CREATE IT IF I'M WILLING TO WORK FOR IT.


Don't get me wrong, I can name about 5 careers I know I would get up and love to go do everyday. But that's the thing .. I don't love it more than I love the time with my family. And if you have a family, I'm sure you can relate. And not working just ISN'T AN OPTION these days. And trust me when I say I get feeling like you wasted your degree. Heck, I just took 8 months of this year and decided to tackle my student loan. A four year BS degree that I never even touched. But do I regret it? NOPE! Education is important. The memories are important. The friendships were incredible. The independence taught me SO MUCH. I don't regret a single moment of it, but I was also never shown another way. 

The media will convince you otherwise ( because that's how they make money), but I know we living in the most incredible time in history. The opportunities to create an income from home are endless. Technology, if you wanna be smart, can be used for WAYYYYY MORE than stalking people on Facebook. LOL. Social media is POWERFUL, you know that. So I decided to use it to help people change their lives. I decided to grow a biz vs wasting time scrolling the newsfeed. 

I'm serious when I say this .. now is your time, my friend. If you're fearful of starting then recognize that is a good thing. Anything that makes your heart throb out of your chest is typically a good thing. But if you're willing to put all that aside and want to make health and wellness a priority in your home, then you could make this work.

It's not a matter of how, it's a matter of WHY. <3

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